Layne Yost MUSIC

I have the honor of being accompanied by my friend and very fine bass player, Jon Shimoda. It's hard to imagine anyone more enjoyable to share a stage with than Jon. Every show is great fun... a real adventure.

I started playing guitar at age 14, motivated by the desire to entertain campers (and the girl’s staff members) around the campfires at YMCA camp, taking pointers from anyone and everyone kind enough to offer.
I played folk and acoustic venues in the Chicago area, earning my way through college. (If I were to miss a class it would be because a new John Denver album had been released and I absolutely needed(!) to learn every song.

I saw two John Denver shows during my college years in the early 70’s, both times at the McCormick Place in Chicago, (along with 5,000 of my closest friends). Each a very different concert presentation, each excellent. The most compelling aspect of both shows was the sense of closeness, the connection between John Denver on stage and every member of the crowd. It was like being back around that campfire of years before, sharing songs with good friends. 
That’s the type of show I want and need to play, intimate, close, connected…

"Annie and Leaving on a Jet Plane                           had me in tears..."


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