"If you get the chance,

  see this show"

   Michael Sheeks
   Director, Forst Inn Dinner Theater

About Me

"Annie's Song and Leaving on a Jet Plane had me in tears..."



I have the honor of being accompanied by my friends, Jon Shimoda (bass) and Carol McDowall (fiddle). It's hard to imagine more accomplished musicians with whom to share a stage. Every show is great fun... a real adventure.

​​I started playing guitar at age 14, sitting around campfires at our local YMCA camp, taking pointers from anyone and everyone kind enough to offer.
I played folk and acoustic venues in the Chicago area, earning my way through college. 

I saw two John Denver shows during my college years in the early 70’s, both times at the McCormick Place.
The most compelling aspect of both shows was the sense of closeness, the connection between John Denver on stage, and every member of the audience. It was like being back around that campfire of years before sharing songs and companionship with good friends. 
That’s the type of show I want and need to play... intimate, close, connected.
This not an impersonation show, rather a sharing of his songs and message in the context of his life and world events.