May 18, 2019

Olde Pine Theatre

Pine Island, MN

Photo Credit: William Kohlwey

A terrific little theater!

Steeple Center, Rosemount, MN February 15, 2019

Tisch Mills, WI  Apr. 26-8, '19

'This Old Guitar'...

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Festival Theater, St. Croix Falls, WI 5/12/18 

December 8, 2018

Not one of the larger venues we've played, but one coolest rooms ever, filled both nights with truly terrific folks!


     We'll be back in             Zumbrota

 December 14, 2019

      for our special        Christmas Show!

Getting a little help from our "volunteer" percussion section!

Must be playing this one in my sleep!

Charity concert for Winter Haven Homeless Shelter - Sand Creek, WI 

Mabel Tainter Theater, Menomonie, WI 4/14/18

Great view from the sound booth!

This is Emma. Her favorite song is 'Thank God, I'm A Country Boy'. Her family drove 2 hours to attend the show hoping we'd play that song. She agreed to come on stage to help us perform it. 

Best Sound Check Photo Ever!

The Historic 

Little Sandwich Theater

 Forst Inn

Tisch Mills, WI

5/18 & 19/18

 Crossings at Carnegie 

     The State Theater

        Zumbrota, MN

         Jan 12, 2019

       ---SOLD OUT!---